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Industrial Panel PC noax S21 IP65 dust
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noax industrial PCs

rugged, reliable, durable

Industrial PCs for the most demanding requirements

Customized to fit your needs, applications, and requirements

noax industrial PCs are characterized by superior ruggedness, running stability, reliability, compatibility, expandability, and performance, with minimum space requirements. We only use the highest quality industrial components for our industrial PCs, which are perfectly coordinated by our in-house development and production. This guarantees long-term availability of spare parts for industrial PCs. The use of standardized technology ensures that our PCs can be upgraded easily, are compatible with all conventional hardware and software systems, and are easy to install in the existing production and IT landscape.

The high-performance Intel® processors, the serial interfaces, the Ethernet interface, and easy expandability via blank standard slots allow application-specific peripheral devices to be connected easily to noax industrial PCs. The completely-sealed housing, the rugged touch, and the use of shock-resistant hard drives or SSDs protect our industrial PCs from splashing water, dust, vibration, and shock, and make them resistant to acids and detergents. All noax industrial PCs satisfy at least protection standard IP65 (NEMA 4). They also have a microcontroller for industrial PC control and monitoring as standard equipment. The noax nSMART tool performs several monitoring functions, such as counting the operating hours, monitoring the system temperatures and voltages, and controlling the backlit display.

Every industrial PC is equipped with a touchscreen and high-contrast,bright displays for easy use. This combination offers good legibility and easy operability, even with protective gloves. We can also configure the industrial PC specially to meet your requirements as part of a ready-to-use installation.

The high-performance Intel® processors, …

The industrial PC series for manufacturing & production

  • Robust industrial construction - IP65
  • Particularly robust touch, can be operated with gloves
  • nSMART - convenient monitoring software

For manufacturing & production, warehousing & logistics or also in agriculture or tunnel construction. The robust noax industrial PCs of the Compact series are used in a variety of industries. More about the Industrial PC Compact Series

The Industrial PC Series for Warehouse & Logistics

  • Robust industrial construction - IP65
  • Glove operability
  • Integrated WLAN antennas and UPS

For use on forklift trucks or industrial trucks. However, noax logistics terminals also work reliably on construction vehicles, cranes, tunnel boring machines or other vehicles. More about the Industrial PC Logistics Series

The industrial PC series for food & hygiene

  • Hygienic V2A stainless steel housing
  • Water- and dustproof up to IP69K
  • Resistive analog or Multi-Touch

For the processing of food, in the deep-freeze area, in the pharmaceutical industry or other extreme areas. With Multitouch also ideally suited for manufacturing & productionMore about the Industrial PC Steel Series

Industrial PCs for wall mounting

  • Compact and robust industrial design
  • Front panel made of V2A stainless steel - IP65
  • Particularly robust touch

Ideal for use in manufacturing, food production or in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. More about the Industrial PC Panel Series

Industrial PC Accessories

The perfect complement to meet your requirements

  • Extensive mounting accessories
  • RFID reader
  • Multiple system upgrades

Durable, universal, simple. The extensive selection of noax industrial PC accessories allows you to customize your workplace according to your individual requirements. The accessories range from various holders, to connector covers, memory upgrade options and modules, to interfaces for perfect process integration. More on industrial PC accessories

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Individual solutions to meet your requirements

Do you have special requests for equipment or functions, design, size, or flexibility? We would be happy to help create a customized solution for your needs. Together, we will create proposals for optimally integrating our industrial PCs into your company environment. Do you want something special? We will find the right solution to meet your needs and keep you one step ahead of the competition. Just contact us!

Fully sealed on all sides (IP65 to IP69K)

noax industrial computers can withstand particularly challenging environments, and showcase their quality in daily use. Whether its dust, oil, water, or other contaminants, noax industrial PCs are fully protected and meet the requirements for protection classes IP65 to IP69K, as tested by external institutions. They can tolerate high-pressure cleaning with hot water and chemicals in the food industry, as well as dirty and dusty environments in extreme applications, such as in tire or tunnel construction.

noax Peter Mattfeld Sohn steam cleaner

Extended temperature range from -22°F to 131°F

Whether it’s capturing operating data from blast furnaces, order picking in refrigerated warehouses, or ensuring tracing in a smoking chamber – many computers fail when used under extreme conditions. Many industries depend on hardware that also reliably supports internal operating processes in extreme heat or cold. For these types of applications, noax offers an optional extended temperature range for our industrial PCs. For PCs with this extension, noax guarantees reliable operation in a temperature range between -22°F and 131°F.

Vehicle Mounted PC noax

Shock and vibration-resistant

Rough terrain, bumpy ground – is this your daily work environment? If so, the rugged noax industrial computers are perfect for you. The exclusive use of high-quality industrial components and specialized mounting of plugs and other components, ensure a high level of vibration and shock resistance. When working in the field or during underground tunnel construction in particular, very high demands are placed on hardware in terms of the compressed air, temperature, moisture, and vibrations. For many years, our clients have trusted the reliable noax industrial computers,, often during 24/7, continuous work.