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Industrial Touchscreen Computers for Harsh Environments

Industrial PCs customized to fit your needs and applications

For decades, noax Technologies has provided rugged and reliable industrial computers meeting and exceeding the toughest international hygiene, safety and quality standards. All our industrial touchscreen PCs are developed specifically for long-term daily operations in extreme environments. They continuously withstand exposure to vibrations, shocks, moisture, water, cold, heat, bacteria, oil, dirt, dust and many acidic and alkaline substances.

Designed and engineered in house with reliability in mind, the rugged industrial computers are completely sealed and have the highest ingress protection certificiation, IP69K, on all sides of the device. All industrial PCs (IPC) have a bright TFT display and a resistive-analog or projected capacitive multi-touchscreen as standard equipment.

All IPC’s have active energy management ensuring low power consumption.

Experienced engineers develop noax touchscreen computers using industrial-grade, high quality components only, resulting in impressive reliability and proven longevity. Sourcing from audited suppliers combined with proprietary developments of key components guarantee durability of the IPCs and long term availability of spare parts.

noax industrial PCs can be easily upgraded and have universal connectivity that allows for easy integration into existing infrastructure. Our in-house service team is standing by to support you.

Experienced engineers develop noax touchscreen computers using

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noax industrial PCs simplify sausage production at meat processing plant
noax industrial PCs simplify production, packaging, and logistics
noax Industrie-PCs optimieren Produktionsprozesse in einer U-Boot-Werft
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Ingress proof on all sides, up to IP69K

Standard setting! Certified by independent laboratories.

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IP69K industrial PC computer noax S19P high pressure cleaning

Multi-touch in industrial environments

Precise touch from edge to edge.

Industrie PC PCAB noax S21WP Produktion

Award winning elegant design

Finely polished stainless steel, combined with an anti-reflective, tempered, all-glass front, without joints or edges.

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Industrial PC V2A noax S21 rear