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Everything you need for your industrial applications.

Our accessory line includes operating systems, mounting, network & wireless connectivity solutions, RFID identification systems, touch pens, keyboards, and more.
If we do not have what you need, please let us know – we will find a solution.


Anywhere you need to an industrial computer, we most likely can put it there. Standalone, stationary on machinery or extendable on a wall, they can be mounted to tables or in mobile vehicles and ships. From standard VESA mounting system, to floor stands, pivoting table stands and support arms, whatever your application, noax has the right mounting solution.

s19 s21 wall device holder

Connector Covers up to IP69K

We offer a variety of connector covers for all of our industrial PCs. This device determines the protection coverage for the entire computer. We have several options including: IP65, IP67 and IP69K. We have the connector cover that suits your requirements.

with IP cable entry ip65

Individually Expandable PCI/PCIe

Get the most out of your IPC – noax industrial computers offer flexibility in expanding the devices. Our rugged PCs allow you to use both new and old peripheral devices. All noax industrial computers have USB ports, serial interfaces, and can also be equipped with PCI and the modern standard, PCIe. This allows you to connect older printers and scanners, and expansion cards in PCI format. In addition to the 7 year availability guarantee, you will also benefit from future investment security.

Industrial Panel PC touch screen noax S21 below

Power Supply

Depending on the type of device and usage area, noax IPCs can be connected to the power source with external and integrated power supply units. We have the connectors for your country for both power supply variants. noax IPCs can also be powered directly with 24V.

DC/DC Converters & Voltage Transformers

For use in logistics vehicles, you will need a special noax DC/DC converter for mobile application to change the voltage in the vehicle to the operating voltage needed for the IPC. Depending on the vehicle type, the input voltage in the DC/DC converter for mobile application is between 9V and 140V.

Integrated UPS

noax offers a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) so that a short-term voltage decrease or an interruption in the power supply will not cause your industrial PC to shut down. Depending on your configuration, the UPS can bridge a power failure for up to 30 seconds giving time to save data or power down the equipment. It is integrated into the terminal; therefore, no additional space in your vehicle is needed.

RFID Readers

Depending on the IPC, noax RFID readers can be integrated directly into the housing or as a stand-alone device, such as at a workstation. noax also supports a large number of RFID standards such as Hitag™, Mifare®, and Legic®. We also offer a variety of scanners if you work with barcodes. Just ask!

Water Resistant Keyboard

We have a water-resistant and compact keyboard with different mounting options. It is IP65 protected and prevents debris or liquid ingress. The ergonomic shape and the integrated mouse function make it easy to operate on trucks, forklift vehicles, or other ground conveyors.

Virtual Keyboard

Virtual keyboards enable you to configure an individual input option that is tailored to your needs. Conveniently operates with the touchscreen and can be placed anywhere on the screen. It can even be used with gloves!


Constantly changing environmental conditions adversely affect the reliability of wireless connections in warehouses and production halls. This can cause unexpected interruptions in the signal transfer. noax’s WLAN prevents these interruptions and depending on your needs, we have different accessories for the WLAN client card, to the antenna- integrated or external.


Applications with small buttons are much easier to operate with a touch pen. It can be attached with a strong wire cable or a special mount providing a more ergonomic workstation.

Touchscreen Protection

noax offers a special touchscreen protective film for the display. It is resistant to various alcohols, acids, alkaline solutions, oils, and gasoline. It protects against sharp edges and pointy objects. It’s easily removable and can be replaced if needed.