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2 x 360° Hygienic All-round Protection – Keeping Your Hardware Above Water

noax’s industrial PCs can be cleaned several times a day, simply and even under high pressure, without the need to cover them up first. 2 x 360° all-round protection.

In the food processing sector, your technology breaking down means losing time, money, and success. Hardware malfunctions should be ruled out from the very beginning to avoid incurring the associated additional costs. With this in mind, businesses have to consider more than just the price when buying industrial PCs.

Cleaning the industrial PCs during the production process, without the need to cover them up first, saves more than just time. It also minimizes the costs of day-to-day work with the industrial PCs, and covers the business when it faces an audit.

“If we don’t pass an audit that our customers regularly carry out, then we can’t provide our services any more.” (Hans Kupfer & Sohn GmbH & Co. KG)

To meet the extremely high hygiene regulations in food production (and be compliant with HACCP), the units and hardware are often cleaned several times a day. noax’s industrial PCs are equipped with food safe gaskets and do not have any joints or dead space where dirt and bacteria could accumulate. This design means that cleaning noax’s industrial computers with water, acids or alkalies alkalis in food processing plants no longer presents a challenge.

What do businesses consider when buying suitable hardware for hygienic environments?

  • Certified 2 x 360° all-round protection
  • Hygienic design (in accordance with HACCP)
  • Certification of the protection class up to IP69K 
  • Simple cleaning
  • Glove operability


“Cold temperatures, water, and air humidity are all things that technology hates; noax IPCs withstand this procedure wonderfully.” (Micarna)

Before you make a decision on a new industrial computer, you should thoroughly test the device by using it in the day-to-day conditions encountered in production.

The working day should not be dictated by the hardware available. Instead, it should be the working day that influences the choice of the right hardware.