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noax Industrial PCs – the strongest generation of boards ever

noax Industrial PCs of the N12 generation – the strongest generation of boards ever. A significantly more powerful motherboard guarantees a threefold increase in performance.

noax industrial PCs are now available with a new, significantly more powerful motherboards. The new board generation bears the name N12 and shines again with an all-in-one motherboard developed in-house, which is completely "Made In Germany". There are also different versions of the new generation, which can be easily expanded so that different peripheral devices can be connected.

With the new generation of boards, noax Technologies AG has significantly enhanced the performance of industrial PCs. This further development of the board resulted in a threefold increase in performance. The use of industrial-grade Intel chipsets ("embedded") continues to be consistently used, so that long-term availability is guaranteed.

“These noax PCs will be the hub of our quality assurance record keeping.” (Acme Smoked Fish Corporation)

Much has changed with the new generation of boards, both externally and internally. Outwardly, noax is now relying on a uniform and modern design concept. Each device now also offers the option of choosing between the multi-touch (PCAP) and analog-resistive touch variants.

Inside, the size of the board has decreased significantly. The smaller board means that even more ideal heat management can be guaranteed. Another innovation made possible by reducing the size of the board is the new 18 ‘‘ full HD industrial PCs. This means that noax can now offer two device sizes with full HD resolution in its product portfolio.

Along with the function keys, the new generation also offers numerous interfaces such as USB, PCI, PCI Express, RS232 and many more. This large number of connection options ensures great flexibility.

In addition to the specially developed 3-stage heat management, which prevents the industrial PC from overheating, noax continues to rely on the nSMART software. The nSMART software, which is also developed in-house, is used to configure and monitor the settings on the industrial PC.

The combination of robustness and the performance of the industrial PCs is an ideal prerequisite for use under a wide variety of environmental conditions in production, the food industry or in the logistics sector. Every noax industrial computer is produced according to customer requirements and requirements, thus enabling individual application options.

“Once we had to open an IPC ... I was really amazed at how neatly the components were processed inside and, above all, how clean it was, despite the extreme manufacturing conditions that prevail here." (Krenhof AG)“