noax Mondi
noax Mondi
noax Mondi

Mondi Gronau GmbH

noax Industrial PCs collect data and document processes during production of sanitary products

Continuous Operation 24/7 – 16 Years Without Interruption

When a company with 25,000 employees has been putting its trust in a piece of hardware for more than 16 years, the hardware must be dependable. This is why Mondi’s Gronau factory has relied on noax industrial PCs since 2001. They guarantee that the processes throughout the entire production chain are reliably controlled, monitored, and documented. In addition, customers and users benefit from the safety and security of Mondi’s operations. Thanks to the noax hardware, they can trust Mondi.

IPC Requirements:

  • Application in the entire production chain 
    for packaging material and sanitary products
  • Completely sealed construction in accordance 
    with protection class IP65 (NEMA4)
  • Bright, easy-to-read touchscreen display
  • Resistance to continuous vibration
  • Use of peripherals such as scanners,label printers, etc.
  • Protection against chemical pulp dust, humidity, solvent mist
  • Operational reliability and stability

Case Study Mondi Gronau GmbH

Hardware used: