Počítač vozidel noax Logistická služba Voest
Vehicle Industie PC noax Voest Logistics Service
Vehicle PC Noax Voest Logistics Service

Logistik Service GmbH

noax industrial PC‘s help optimize the deployment of heavy-duty transport vehicles

Hundreds of tons

"When you transport goods weighing hundreds of tons on bumpy roads , you have to have completely different IT requirements than in an office." … The computers can do their job until they no longer work. And in my experience, This can take a fairly long time….In our experience, the industrial PCs from noax represent a secure and long-term investment. That is why we use the old computers as long as we can. For me, it is a question of cost-efficiency."

IPC Requirements:

  • Optimization of resources for heavy-duty vehicles
  • Computer-aided resource planning
  • Improvement of delivery accuracy
  • Cost reductions
  • Documentation of orders for tracing purposes

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Hardware used: