Proprietary development at noax

Quality without compromise

An essential cornerstone of our success is the proprietary development of our products, from the idea to the finished product. The process includes the design of mechanical as well as electronic parts, right down to the CPU motherboard. This depth of involvement is the only way we can guarantee that all of the components meet our highest standard of quality.

Our aim is to ensure the sustainable manufacturing of our products. This means conserving resources by reducing the amount of cable connections and using recyclable materials. At the same time, our industrial PCs have a long service life and are easy to retrofit and upgrade which reduces waste.


Even in the early stages of housing design for our products we focus on the requirements set out in IP67 (NEMA 6) and IP69k - electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) as well as resistance to shock and vibration. While purchased parts often lead to cutting corners in terms of quality, we are able to fulfill our own high standards from the very beginning. Proprietary development and strict quality management also guarantees that our hardware lives up to the lofty demands of its industry. As the customer, you will get a product that has no compromise.
The mechanical design elements are created using SolidWorks, a 3D CAD program that provides us not only with a reliable, professional development environment but also allows for a seamless exchange of design data with our suppliers.

Thermal flow analysis inside an IPC (S19)
Thermal flow analysis inside an IPC (S19)


Proprietary development has obvious benefits in the mechanical design of our products, but it is the development of our own electronic components in the final product that our in-house advantage really shines. The focus here is to only use components that can handle the extreme conditions of its industry – without compromise. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

We select all of our components and circuitry carefully and according to our own highest standards. In doing so, we make sure that only the best industrial components with life cycles of at least five years are put to use.

The advantage here is original parts on a consistent basis. Not only the highly durable construction guarantees that your production lines run safely and reliably - the availability of all our components means your investment is protected for many years to come.


Platinenlayout - noaxPlatinenschaltplan - noax
It is particularly important that the developers come up with a professional layout. Since high frequencies are more common nowadays, the printed circuit board becomes one of the most sensitive components.



Temperaturkurve - noax   During tests, predefined temperature curves are combined with varying degrees of moisture over long periods. This is the only way to simulate the real-life conditions.


High quality demands, tough tests and strict authorization standards are the only way to guarantee that our hardware will stand up to the challenging conditions of industry. This is why we subject our prototypes and zero series devices to extreme tests that are documented precisely and carefully analyzed. Newly developed products are only approved once all tests have been passed. As our customer, you will get a machine you can rely on, and with noax hardware, operational failures and long downtimes are no longer an option.

Industrial PCs from noax – uncompromising quality to the very last detail

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