Quality assurance

These days not only price and productivity determine the success of a company, but also its well-designed products, innovative strength and best possible services. Highest product quality and the ability to flexibly adapt to changing customer requirements are also part of the enormous challenges of a modern company.

In order to best carry out our extensive duties and responsibilities, we have implemented the model of process orientation from the ISO 9001 standard. We see these directives as guidelines that we can use to meet the particularly high quality demands placed on our products, services and processes.

At noax, we develop and produce our computers in our own factory. Considering that they are developed in-house makes it possible to adhere to the strictest quality standards and to implement individual customer requirements. Come see for yourself our quality philosophy at work. Visit our factory in Ebersberg near Munich. At noax, you will see that the "Made in Germany" quality seal offers everything it promises.

Since every good quality management system is based on a continuous improvement process, we invite our customers and suppliers to get actively involved in this process. Why? Because we believe that our customers and suppliers are an integral and essential part of everything we do, including our quality management system.

Quality begins with placing customer satisfaction at the center of your company's thinking. This statement from John F. Akers, former CEO of IBM, makes it clear that quality must be lived.


We define processes and workflows in our company using special process modeling software. We release all results on our Intranet to ensure that all employees have the same level of information. A majority of these processes were additionally integrated into our ERP system to allow us to achieve very high process accuracy.

If you see room for improvement, we would be happy to hear from you because that is the only way that we can improve. Questionnaire


The quality of our products begins right at the beginning: with the basic idea and the basic concept. The subsequent development work is based on these two pillars. During the course of the different development phases, we conduct tests and inspections to verify the pre-defined product features.

The entire supply chain – from purchase to production and shipping – is based on constant inspection and review by our quality management department. This is the only way we guarantee that you receive a product of the highest quality and in perfect condition.