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IP69K - Ultimate Protection On All Sides

noax industrial PCs pass the endurance test - IP69K from all 6 sides!

Certified with the highest protection class IP69K, noax industrial PCs more than meet customer requirements.

Despite continuous use in the harshest conditions, noax industrial computers work reliably with full functionality. Nothing can penetrate the completely closed stainless steel housing. An endurance test by an independent institute proved noax industrial computers can withstand one of the toughest cleaning processes: high-pressure jet cleaning and steam in accordance with the IP69K protection standard.

In industrial applications, technology failure is synonymous with the loss of time, money and success. It is essential for sustainability to have reliable hardware with a long service life. “You have to be able to rely on the industrial PCs. The IT staff are not on site at midnight to intervene in an emergency,” said a food production employee at Peter Mattfeld and Son GmbH. The areas of application where noax industrial computers can be used are as diverse as the dangers to which they are exposed. Extreme heat, cold, dust, dirt, moisture nor vibrations can harm noax’s industrial PCs. The computers run flawlessly under the most extreme conditions and run at peak performance even while in continuous 24/7 use.

Water Proof. Dust Proof. IP69K.

noax industrial computers have a completely closed stainless steel housing and no ventilation slots. The zero-bezel 360º protection guarantees fail-safe security for all internal PC components. "Reliability is the be-all and end-all. We want hardware where the stability of the system comes first," says an employee of Franz Wiltmann GmbH & Co. KG. "Protection that provides minimal care and maintenance so that repair costs remain manageable, and above all, increases the longevity of the PC, is extremely important when using industrial PCs.“ A customer explains noax IPCs in a nutshell, "I call sales more than service.“

This all-around protection is becoming much more essential in the food processing industry. Bacteria is part of everyday processes and can be life-threatening and detrimental. Human safety is the utmost priority. To ensure the extremely high hygiene regulations are met in the production of food, the machinery systems and devices are cleaned several times a day. When cleaning, high-pressure water and strong disinfectants, such as acids and alkalis, are often used to ensure complete removal of dirt and bacteria. "The cold, the water, the humidity, none of these are friends of technology, the noax industrial PCs withstand this procedure". Many businesses rely on noax industrial PCs because the stainless steel housing can withstand hot water of 176ºF (80ºC) with 100 bar high pressure water jets. An external, independent institute has confirmed and certified that noax industrial computers continue to run at optimal performance after continuous intense sanitation processes.

Endurance Test: Certified IP69K on all 6 sides

In a recent endurance test, the rugged hardware was placed on a turntable and exposed to a water jet for 30 seconds from all six sides (top, bottom, left, right, front, back), and from different angles. Every minute, 14-16 liters of water from a flat jet nozzle pelted the industrial computer at a distance of 10-15 cm. Despite the extreme stress hitting every square centimeter of the surface, no moisture penetrated and the hardware was not damaged. The noax industrial computer passed the test and received the IP69K protection certification, the highest degree of industrial protection for electronic devices.

The robust construction of the noax industrial PCs is ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications in industries ranging from food processing, pharmaceutical and chemicals, production and logistics. The rugged PCs ensure security in the process flow, reliability under the toughest conditions and protection for employees.