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Compact Touchscreen Terminals

for efficient production and manufacturing processes

Rugged touchscreen PCs from the Compact Series for production

Compact, rugged, completely-sealed – these are the hallmarks of the noax Compact Series! They are ideal for extreme conditions in logistics, production, agriculture, or tunnel construction. Our Compact Series touchscreen terminals are used in industries ranging from vehicle manufacturing and civil engineering to cement production. The rugged all-purpose computers reliably perform the most diverse tasks. The touchscreen terminals can capture operating and machine data, ensure time and attendance recording, streamline order picking, control machines, and visualize production processes. This can be installed on the machine or on vehicles for mobile applications.


noax Compact Series industrial touchscreen PCs can handle almost any environment. In the era of Industry 4.0, it is important to create a network of man and machine centered around state-of-the-art information and communication technology, even in harsh environments. This ensures information is available at the right time, in the right place, and for the right participant in the process.

As a standard feature, our touchscreen terminals from the Compact Series are equipped with high-contrast and extremely durable TFT displays for industrial applications. They guarantee optimal readability even in the worst conditions. The integrated, resistive-analog touchscreens are easy, safe, and intuitive to operate, even while wearing protective gloves. They can be optionally configured with WLAN or mobile communication. Our Compact Series touchscreen terminals come with screens in sizes of 12 to 21.5 inches.

Quality - Made in Germany

  • Compact and rugged industrial design – IP65 protection class – for maximum operational reliability
  • Simple operation thanks to a particularly rugged industrial touchscreen
  • nSMART – intelligent, convenient software for adjustment, monitoring, and analysis
  • Wireless communication via WLAN with integrated antennae
  • Faster access for servicing via the secured front USB port
  • High level of flexibility and expandability with standard interfaces and PCl/PCle slots
  • Sustainable product design, long service life, low power consumption
  • Windows® 10 (32-bit/64-bit), function keys, RAID, mobile communication, WLAN, and much more...


noax Compact Series industrial touchscreen PCs can handle...

Universal peripheral PCI/PCle connections

A range of options are available through standard interfaces such as RS232, RS422, USB, LPT, and PCI/PCIe cards. Tried-and-tested machines or supplementary devices such as label printers and scanners, can be connected. There is also the option of upgrading the touchscreen terminal to accommodate additional peripheral devices in the future. This means an industrial touchscreen PC can be connected to both old and new peripheral devices at the same time.

Ease of use – Touchscreen Terminal

The integrated and analog resistive touchscreen offers easy, safe, and intuitive operation, even in extreme conditions. The touchscreen terminal can be used with bare hands, touch pens, and gloves. It does not matter whether you are wearing thin, disposable gloves or tough work gloves. This ensures maximum ease of use, ergonomic comfort, and occupational health and safety for the user. The ability to input data directly via the touchscreen negates the need for an external keyboard.

c19 application nSmart

Water and dust-proof according to protection class IP65

Due to its IP65 protection class rating, the touchscreen terminal can be reliably used in harsh conditions, whether during daily cleaning, in dusty environments, or directly on the machine. No additional enclosure is necessary as the housing itself is IP65-protected on all sides. noax industrial touchscreens enable data to be entered directly at the workstation and can withstand shaking and vibrations. The touchscreen terminal helps to ensure efficient and productive work processes.

Rugged logistic terminal C12


The small touchscreen terminal from the Compact Series

The 12-inch industrial touchscreen with its IP65 protection class rating is suitable for stationary applications in production and manufacturing and mobile applications, such as industrial conveyors. Its compact size makes it perfect for situations where larger industrial PCs cannot be used.

Further information about the C12 industrial touchscreen terminal


The classic universal touchscreen terminal

The classic C15 touchscreen terminal with IP65 protection class rating comes with a 15” screen that offers more options for visualizing data, despite its more compact size. The touchscreen terminal is ideally suited for process/machine data acquisition applications, where data is recorded directly on the workstation.

Further information about the C15 industrial touchscreen terminal


The large industrial touchscreen PC

The reliable C19 industrial PC has a screen size of 19”, making it ideal for numerous production and work processes. Objects, graphics, images, software buttons, etc. are clearly presented.

Further information about the C19 industrial touchscreen PC


The widescreen touchscreen terminal

The 21.5-inch touchscreen industrial PC in ultra-sharp 16:9 format, with full-HD resolution, guarantees that data is presented in the best possible way. Production processes, machine data, key figures and order picking are handled faster when the buttons are displayed in a larger size.

Further information about the C21 widescreen touchscreen terminal 

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