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Compact IPC Series

Industrial Touchscreen Computers

IP65 IPCs for harsh environments

Ideal for use in cold/freezer storage, outdoors & other extreme temperature applications

Completely enclosed compact IPC’s effortlessly survive harsh environmental conditions such as splashing water, dust, sand, fluctuating temperature ranges and adverse conditions, such as what you would experience outdoors and in cold storage facilities. Like all noax industrial PCs, the Compact Series IPCs can perform a wide variety of tasks in all industrial applications. noax’s compact IPCs can easily and continuously operate in harsh weather conditions like snow, rain, humidity, and even intense sunlight. This makes it a great outdoor computer for reliability in tough conditions.

Application Examples:

  • Order picking
  • Record time and data
  • Secure traceability
  • Mobile applications
  • Outdoor kiosks and gates
  • Industrial conveyors
  • Production & SCADA control systems (supervisory control & data acquisition)


  • Full-HD display with automatic brightness control
  • Resistive or PCAP multi-touch technology
  • Extended temperature range: cold resistant down to -22°F & heat resistant up to 131°F
  • Front USB
  • Standard interfaces & expansion slots
  • WLAN / GPS / Mobile
  • Intel Chipsets & CPUs, up to i7 & Up to 16 GB of RAM
  • PCI/PCIe expansion slots
  • Optional Internal UPS (uninterrupted power supply)

Made From Industrial Components

Only carefully chosen and tested industrial components are used to make noax’s compact IPC’s. We hold our suppliers to a hard standard. As a result of our consistent use of durable and attainable components, we guarantee spare part availability and offer a minimum 7 year service guarantee for all parts.

Industry computer Dossmann

Rugged Outdoor Computer

The particularly rugged and durable compact PC is equipped with a light sensor to automatically adjust display brightness for optimal operation in various lighting conditions. For example: in warehouses and in strong sunlight.

Touch industrial PC C12

SCADA & Process Data Acquisition Computers

Simplify processes and eliminate errors. Obtaining information through SCADA or process data acquisition simplifies production operations.

Touchscreen terminal Alsto precision cutting tools Data Acquisition

Compact IPC Options:


The smallest IPC in the Compact Series – IP65

The 12” industrial touchscreen is suitable for stationary applications in production and manufacturing, outdoors and mobile applications, such as industrial conveyors. Internal UPS option available

Industrial calculator noax C12 left
Industrial PC noax C12 below
Industrial PC noax C12 site
Forklift terminal noax C12 rear
Industrial calculator noax C12 below
Touchscreen Terminal noax C12 right


The classic universal computer – IP65

The classic 15” compact industrial computer is ideally suited for SCADA and process/machine data acquisition applications where data is recorded directly at the workstation. Internal UPS option available

Fahrzeug Terminal noax C15 rechts
Vehicle PC noax C15 below
All in One PC Industrial PC noax C15 side
All in One PC Industrial PC noax C15 rear
Vehicle PC noax C15 above
Vehicle computer noax C15 left


The large compact IPC – IP65

The reliable 19” touchscreen display is ideal for cold storage and other production and manufacturing processes.

Industrial PC noax C19 right
Industrial PC noax C19 below
Industrial PC noax C19 side
Industrial PCs noax C19 rear
Industrial PCs noax C19 above
19 Industrial PC noax C19 left


The widescreen IPC – IP65

The 21.5” rugged industrial PC has an ultra-sharp 16:9 format with Full-HD resolution. The larger size helps increase efficiency in production processes, machine data, key figures and order picking.

Industrial Terminal noax C21 right
Industrial PC noax C21 below
Industrial PC noax C21 side
Industrial PCs noax C21 rear
Industry terminal noax C21 above
Info terminals noax C21 left
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Industrial Computer Reference C12
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Compact Series - Technical Data

Compact Series – Accessories

Rugged industrial PC on an extended bracket
Front view of Compact 15" rugged computer on a mounting bracket
noax C12 rugged PC on mounting bracket
noax C12 rugged PC on mounting bracket
Back of C21 IP65 computer on an adjustable pivoting table stand
Vertical adjustable wall mount on a C21 industrial computer
Short wall mounting bracket on the backside of the compact 21.5" IPC
Shock and vibration reduction mount on back of C21 industrial PC
noax touchscreen IPC on a universal table stand with ball mount
Standard mounting bracket for noax ruggedized industrial computers
Extended mounting bracket for noax ruggedized industrial computers
Pivoting table stand for noax touchscreen industrial computers
Vertical adjustable wall mount for noax industrial touchscreen computers
Stainless steel floor stand for noax rugged PCs
VESA Mounting System 2.25" for noax C12 industrial computers
C12 shock/vibration reduction mount for IP65 rated 12-inch industrial PCs
Mount to reduce shocks and vibrations to protect industrial PC in harsh environment
Acrylic universal table stand for all noax rugged industrial computers
IP65 connector cover with split grommets for C15, C19 and C21 mounted on compact rugged computer
Fast connect port protector with rubber lip mounted on compact industrial PC
Closed connector cover mounted on C12 rugged PC
Connector cover with rubber grommets mounted on noax touchscreen PC
Connector cover with 6 cable glands mounted on C12 industrial PC
Fast connect port protector with rubber lip for all-in-one compact PC's
IP65 connector cover with split grommets for C15, C19 and C21 rugged touchscreen computers
Closed connector cover for noax C12 tough computers
Multi-cable connector cover with rubber grommets for noax compact series
6-cable connector protection cover with cable glands for C12 industrial PC
Connector cover with RFID reader for tough industrial computers
RFID multi-reader mounted on noax C12 computer
Long stroke keyboard and bracket mounted on noax C15 rugged PC
IP65 Long stroke keyboard bracket for C12 industrial computers
C15 rugged touchscreen PC with mounted standard keyboard bracket
Standard keyboard bracket for noax Compact Series
Long stroke keyboard and bracket mounted on C12 rugged PC
Touch It virtual keyboard software for noax industrial computers
Multi layer nonreflecting protection film for industrial touch screen computers