OR PC in the healthcare industry and Medical PC in medical technology

Better care for your patients through faster
response times

Record patient information, visualize image data, ensure care with medical consumer information: Our OR PCs help you not only streamline the work in your practice or hospital, but also improve the care of your patients while additionally handling ubiquitous cost pressures.

Completely sanitized

Our industrial PCs from the Steel Series are perfectly equipped for performing tasks in medical facilities. They have a completely sealed housing made of V2A stainless steel (up to IP69k) without grooves or joints. They can also be completely sanitized using disinfectants; Germs do not stand a chance.

Easy to handle

Our OR computers are protected on all sides and can easily be cleaned using disinfectants. The touch screen can be operated by medical staff under sterile conditions, while wearing latex or other types of gloves. Even applications with high hygiene demands, in the OR for example, are possible.

Easy to expand

Our OR PCs have numerous connections and interfaces. You can therefore communicate with other computers and exchange information. The multitude of their application options provides not only enormous efficiency potentials, but also better healing chances for your patients.